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Directors & Officers liability insurance

As a director, the personal risks involved in holding a senior post in a UK business have never been greater, especially as the legal and regulatory environment is increasingly switching its focus from corporate to personal accountability.

So when something goes wrong you may be personally liable to defend any claims brought against you - claims which could leave your personal assets immediately at risk. Your spouse or partner could even be held liable, as could your heirs.

Who can sue you, and for what?

Employees, shareholders, your company, creditors, regulators, customers, competitors, government, or anyone else who feels that they have suffered a loss arising from the Director acting wrongly in their position, can potentially sue you.

Claims can be brought for a variety of reasons including:

A common myth is that corporate limited liability status or compulsory employer liability insurance will protect you from personal prosecution or civil action, it won’t!

Towergate Milton Keynes Directors & Officers Liability insurance is designed to protect you and your business from the increasing personal and corporate liabilities facing you today.

We can talk you through all aspects of the D&O liability cover and it only takes a few quick and simple steps to provide you with a quote and policy details to ensure your risks are covered.

For more information contact us, our staff are available to take your call on 01908 258 388.

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