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Electrical inspection

Towergate Milton Keynes works closely with RSA to offer you an electrical inspection service that can help you manage your electrical systems and meet your regulatory requirements.

Government statistics have consistently shown that faulty electrical installations and arson are the major causes of fire in the UK, and lead to huge cost in property and equipment damage as well as potential liability claims. However, by carrying out periodic inspections, the risk of fire damage, injury and business interruption from poorly maintained electrical installations can be vastly reduced. In 2006, the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister confirmed that there were over 20,000 fires in buildings (other than Dwellings), caused by faulty electrical distribution system’s or appliances. In addition, fire statistics show that 80% of businesses fail within 12 months of suffering a major fire. Inadequate maintenance is attributed as the cause of almost half of the incidents that have been investigated by the Health & Safety Executive. RSA’S Inspection service is an essential part of any maintenance programme and you can be confident that their competent engineers will give you an impartial assessment of your wiring and plant.

Electrical testing: Your legal requirements

Individuals should be aware of their responsibilities under the Health and Safety at Work Act (1974)  Everybody at work has a responsibility not to put themselves or others at risk by their acts and omissions. Employers have the responsibility to ensure that electrical systems are safe.

In addition, the Electricity at Work Regulations (1989) require that all systems are constructed and at all times maintained as far as reasonably practicable, to prevent danger. All electrical systems should be sound and correctly installed. Anyone who carries out electrical work must be competent to do so. Finally, REGULATION 4 of the ACT states that periodic inspection is a vital part of any preventative maintenance scheme.

Electrical inspection service

The periodic inspection service covers the fixed wiring distribution system and can include fixed plant if required. Testing is undertaken in accordance with the IEE 17th Edition BS7671 where applicable. The scope of the inspection and testing will be determined prior to the start of any contract. Additionally, RSA can provide an interim visual inspection routine check of the installation to supplement the periodic inspection frequencies. This aims to ensure that any additional deterioration is identified between inspections, that standards are being maintained and recommendations implemented.

Following the inspection, RSA will issue a report highlighting the actions that must be taken to ensure that the installation remains in a safe condition.

RSA and Towergate can also offer Portable electrical equipment testing (PAT). This includes items such as computers or kettles.

To find out more please contact us, our staff are available to take your call on 0844 892 0960.

Please note this service is not regulated by the Financial Services Authority

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